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Musky Trout Hatcheries LLC. • 279 Bloomsbury Road • Asbury, NJ 08802
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We are the oldest privately owned fish farm known as the Musky Trout Hatchery, located on the Musconectong River in the valley and ridge country of Warren county, northwestern New Jersey. (history article) The physiographic characteristics of our region are much different from the rest of the state. The higher elevations carved by glaciers result in a cooler climate where the springs flow with water at 51° F, which is ideal for spawning trout. Musky Trout Hatchery was established in 1958. From a property that contained little more than a few spring-fed ponds, Musky employs a system of raceways and circular tanks using water supplied from the on-site spring. Trout are spawned, hatched and grown on the farm. Four live-haul trucks deliver brook, brown and rainbow trout year round. We sell to private estates and other fish farms, as well as townships, private clubs, and home owners to stock their private streams, lakes, and ponds. Because trout require a cooler water temperature, most stocking is done in spring and fall. There are also multiple dirt ponds that are dedicated to the production of warm water fish, such as bluegill, bass, catfish and crappie, for stocking private Lake and ponds. Recognizing the recent growth of ornamental ponds as a landscape feature, a small green house was built to raise koi and water plants are also being grown here in the summer.

We are Certified every year against diseases for our trout.

Whirling Disease Red Mouth Bacterial Kidney Disease
IPN Heterosporis  

Great Service

Musky Trout Hatchery strives to hatch, grow, and deliver the biggest and healthiest fish around.

Our goal is to please our customers. All fish are available for Pick up or Delivery (based upon order)

Please feel free to come visit us or give us a call with any questions you may have.